Emirates Airlines Business Class

What Should I Expect on Emirates Airlines Business Class

Emirates Airlines is arguably one of those airlines that define richness. Emirates Airlines has something for everyone in their basket. From Economy Class to Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class, Emirates has kept no tables unturned. Out of all. The most famous and particularly the most hyped class is Emirates Airlines Business Class. The real question is ‘is the business class on Emirates Airlines worth the hype. Is it really a sensible decision to spend a ton of money on purchasing business class tickets on Emirates Airlines. In this blog. We’ll share our experience with Emirates Airlines Business Class and what should you expect if you are trying it for the first time.

Lounge, Boarding, and Free Chauffeur Service

Emirates Airlines has brand lounges in some of the top cities in the world. Here in New York, there is a special service offered by the airline in which a chauffeur will be sent to your pickup location. You can either register your home location or your office location you will be picked up in a luxury Mercedes-Benz or a BMW vehicle. You will then be dropped off at your departure airport where you can access the brand lounge reserved for business class customers traveling with Emirates Airlines. At the time of boarding. You can access the priority boarding service by which you can be the first of all passengers to board the plane. This helps in skipping those long queues at the boarding gates.

Seating, Amenities, and a Giant Television

After you are on the plane. You will be escorted to your seats by a cabin crew member. They will also help you settle your carry-on bags and offer you a menu for a welcome drink. Your seat style will depend on the type of aircraft you are flying. Ours was Airbus A380 with a window seat. The seats have an ample amount of legroom and should be comfortable even for a very tall person. The seats can be converted into a fully flat bed with a giant TV in front of you. You also get a mini-bar (limited to Airbus A380 only and not available on Boeing B777). The seats are 1.8 meters long and can give you the comfort of a full bed. As an add-on. You get an amenity kit along with noise-canceling headphones.

Food and Beverages

Emirates Airlines offers some of the most presentable food at 30,000 feet. The food including breakfast, lunch, and dinner is appetizing and you’ll love the overall taste. You also have a dedicated bar on board that is reserved for first-class and business-class passengers only.

We hope you like our post. For more information on the carrier and its services, visit Emirates Airlines official website.

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