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What is the Excess Baggage Allowance on Emirates Airlines

There are times when you go on a holiday trip and while returning back home. You get stacked up with a pile of luggage? These are nothing but gifts for your friends and family. But the airline companies treat this as an opportunity. You can say as extra baggage. You may ask the question: What is excess baggage? These are the bags that are counted beyond the free baggage allowance provided to you by the airline that is included in your flight ticket price. In this blog, we’ll discuss Emirates Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance and how you can save money on it.

Before getting to know how to save money on your booking, let us first see what are the factors that lead to excess baggage.

There can be many factors that will lead you to pay extra for your excess baggage. Some of these are:

Overweight Bags

When the overall weight of your bags exceeds the permitted weight or the free Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance, it is called as overweight luggage.

Oversized Bags

When the linear dimensions ( l + w + h ) cross the allowed baggage size limit, the bag is said to be oversized.

Additional Bags

If the number of bags you’re carrying is more than the permitted quantity of baggage. You have to pay extra for the additional bag.

Here are some rules that you need to follow in order to bring excess baggage on your Emirates Flight.

  • For business class, the weight of each of your bags should not exceed 70 lbs or 32 kg.
  • For economy class, the maximum allowed weight for your additional baggage should not be more than 50 pounds or 23 kg.
  • The overall linear dimension of each of your bags should not be more than 118 inches or 300 centimeters.

Here is a chart of the additional amount you have to pay for your bags if you are traveling to or from the United States and Canada.

Charges for buying additional baggage in the below-mentioned routes:

To or From To or From Africa To or From the USA To or From Canada
Middle East / South Asia $200 $225 CAD 280
Africa $200 $200 CAD 250
Far East $250 $250 CAD 300
Europe $200 $100 CAD 125
Australia and New Zealand $250 $250 CAD 300
USA $200 $100 CAD 125

Charges for overweight or oversized bags when traveling 

  To or From the USA or Africa To or From Canada
Overweight $75 CAD 95
Oversized $75 CAD 95
Overweight and Oversized $150 CAD 185

How Can You Buy Additional Baggage Allowance

The two main methods of buying Emirates Airways excess baggage allowance are:

Emirates Airlines Manage Booking

You can use the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking option online and buy your additional allowance. This is one of the most convenient methods and you can also avoid the long airport crowd and queues.

Emirates Airlines Airport Counter

If you missed the Emirates Airlines online check in method. You can buy the additional allowance at the Emirates Airlines counter at the airport.

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