What is Auto Check-in Facility in Singapore Airlines

If you are a frequent Singapore Airlines traveler or if you recently made a reservation with the airline. You must have come up with the term ‘auto check-in’. It is a service available for all the passengers who make a Singapore Airlines Reservation. Singapore Airlines is one of the most luxurious carriers in southern Asia. It an also the flag carrier of Singapore with a large share of passenger traffic per year. A flight check-in before your schedule departure is very important and you must do it. For Singapore Airlines Check in,

The passengers can start the check in process within 48 hours before and must complete it at least three hours before the departure. But due to our busy schedules, we may miss out on the opportunity. That is why Singapore Airlines has come up with a solution called auto check-in. In this blog, we will learn what is auto check-in and all the facts related it it.

Singapore Airlines auto check-in is a service in which the system automatically does the check in for you. For this to work, you have to turn on the option by using the Singapore Airlines Manage Booking. After you turn it on, you have to fill in the complete details of the passengers and all information regarding your journey. You can also select your seats in advance and the system will assign them for you. If the seat is not available or you didn’t choose any seat, the system will randomly assign you a new seat. You can also modify it later with the manage booking option. For international travel, you must enter the details of your passport. Please keep in mind that your passport should have remaining validity of at least six months.

The auto check-in facility will not be available if the passenger is under the age of 18 years and does not have any adult accompanying them in their journey. The facility is also not available for Singapore Airlines Group Travel passengers or if have a connecting flight. For passengers who are on a connecting flight, auto check-in will only be available if your first flight is of Singapore Airlines or Silk Air.

Once the auto check-in is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email along with your boarding pass. You can also use the Singapore Airlines Mobile App to download your e-Board Pass. If due to any technical issues your auto check-in is not complete or unsuccessful, you can do it manually using the manage booking option on Singapore Airlines official website. Alternatively, you can call the Singapore Airlines Customer Care Number and do it over the phone.

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