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Traveling with Service Animals in Qatar Airways

We already know that Qatar Airways allows its passengers to bring pets on board but there are certain restrictions that need to be followed. Being one of the most successful airlines in the Middle East. Qatar Airways wants its customers to have the best experience. To make your life easy. Qatar Airways allows service animals to stay with passengers on board. All other pets other than service animals will not be allowed on board. They have to stay in the aircraft hold or the cargo compartment of the plane which is normally found in the lower portion of your flight. In this blog. We will know more about how to bring a service animal on a Qatar Airways flight. Also. We will take a look at the Qatar Airways Pet Policy restrictions on bringing your furry friend with you on the plane.

Qatar Airways allowed passengers to carry their pets on board but due to a recent law updated by the United States Department of Transportation. No animals will be allowed to be brought on board except service animals. This update applies to all passengers traveling after January 11, 2022. Or traveling to or from the United States. Passengers can only bring dogs as service animals. Also the airline allows you to keep up to two dogs under the service animal policy. These dogs should be fully trained and will only be allowed if their owner is with them.

The United States Department of Transportation (dot) has formulated some new rules which must be followed in order to bring a pet or a service animal on Qatar Airways. These are:

  • You have to inform Qatar Airways in advance that you are caring for a pet or a service animal with you at least 2 days or 48 hours before the departure date.
  • You must check in at the airport or online at least three hours before your flight time.
  • You must carry an absorbent material for your dog’s waste. You must take care of proper sanitation for the safety of both your dog and your co-passengers traveling with you.
  • Please keep a harness for your dog that can be used as a safety belt at the time of take-off, landing, or emergency situations.

All passengers traveling with a service animal or an emotional Qatar Airways Dog must carry proof that they need the pet. For this. You have to carry a certificate or a letter specifying the issue on professional letterhead. This letter should be authorized by a registered mental health professional. Also The letter or the certificate should not be older than a year.

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