Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class

Is it Worth Paying Extra Money For The Premium Economy Class on Singapore Airlines?

We all know Singapore Airlines as the airline that has the best business class. And first class seats and services but did you know that they also offer one of the most value for money premium economy seats? Yes, the premium economy seats on Singapore Airlines are the perfect combination of affordability as well as comfort. You can either buy a premium economy seat by calling on +1-888-415-0393. Or you can an economy class seat and later upgrade it to the premium economy using Singapore Airlines Manage Booking option available on their website. In this blog. We will discuss if it is worth paying that extra money to get a flight reservation in Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class.

The premium economy seats were introduced on Singapore Airlines in 2015 and since then, it has shown record sales. Here are some of the features that make it the perfect choice for people seeking ultimate comfort and who want all of these on a budget. 

Access to Priority Boarding With Singapore Airlines

When you book a premium economy seat on Singapore Airlines, you get access to priority boarding. This means that you will be one of the first passengers to enter the flight. You also get faster check-in along with no baggage delays at the time of arrival.

More Baggage Allowance

With premium economy class, you get more baggage allowance compared to the economy class on Singapore Airlines. For carry-on bags. You can bring up to one bag weighing up to 15 lbs or 7 kilograms and checked baggage of up to 77 lbs or 35 kg. This can make a huge difference especially if you like to travel with heavy luggage.

Premium Seats

The seats have a leather cover on them. And offer you a sense of luxury the moment you enter the premium economy cabin. The seats have a seat pitch of 38 inches and a width of 19.5 inches. They also have a recline of up to 8 inches along with a calf. And footrest giving you the ultimate comfort and convenience during your trip.

High-Quality Entertainment

The Singapore Airlines premium economy seats offer you a large 13.3 inches touchscreen display that is loaded with more than 1500 movies, shows, and games. You also get access to two USB sockets so you can charge two portable electronic devices simultaneously.

We hope you liked our post. For more information on the airline, please visit the Singapore Airlines official website.

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