Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

How to Get the Most Out of Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

Singapore Airlines is one of the best airline companies in the southern part of Asia with a stronghold in the European as well as North American countries. The airline was also rewarded as the best carrier for business class travels to international destinations. With all these titles in hand. Singapore Airlines handles a lot of traffic per year and has seen a substantial increase in the number of passengers since the pandemic. One of the main USPs of Singapore Airlines is how well they handle baggage allowance for all the customers traveling on their flights. No matter which class or cabin you choose, you will not regret the journey with Singapore Airlines. In this blog. We will learn about Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance for Economy Class and Premium Economy Class passengers and how you can get the most out of it with deals and discounts.

As per Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy. all the customers traveling with the airline are allowed to bring one handbag along with them which may include a backpack, an umbrella, an overcoat, a document bag, a laptop bag, a ladies’ handbag. or a walking stick. When it comes to carry-on bags. The passengers traveling on Singapore Airlines Economy Class can bring one bag of up to 15 pounds while Premium Economy Class passengers can have two 15 pounds bags each. Though the maximum allowed weight may vary from class to class but all the bags must measure under the allowed linear dimension of 115 cm. 

Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy also allows customers to bring checked baggage on both domestic and international flights as long as your ticket allows you to have one. The maximum weight allowed per passenger depends on the class of ticket you’ve purchased with Singapore Airlines. Passengers with a premium economy class ticket can bring checked baggage of up to 77 pounds with economy class passengers are only allowed to have bags up to 66 pounds depending on your reservation class. While the allowance may change for different routes. We recommend you to check the Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance before you make your reservation. If you are purchasing your ticket with TravelQart. You can call our toll-free Singapore Airlines Customer Care Number +1-888-415-0393 to know about your allowed baggage and also get a discount of up to 30% on all flight bookings made with us.

If you are traveling to or from the United States. Both the Economy and Premium Class passengers are permitted to carry up to two checked bags with a maximum weight of 50 lbs. 

For more information on the carrier, call our toll free number+1-888-415-0393 or visit the Singapore Airlines Official Website.

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