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How to Get the Most Out of Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy

Traveling from a luxury airline such as Emirates Airlines has some of the most distinguishing advantages. With Emirates, you get the privilege of some of the best baggage policies in the industry. But without proper planning. You may incur additional charges, and trust me. It’s a lot. In this blog. We will discuss how you can efficiently manage your baggage. So that you can the additional fee on your baggage allowance. We will also take an overview of Emirates Baggage Policy.

Emirates Airlines allows its passengers to carry one handbag and an additional briefcase on board as carry-on items. Your briefcase can be up to 18 inches x 14inches x 8 inches. And your handbag can be up to 22 inches x 15 inches x 8 inches.

For checked baggage, Emirates Airlines economy class passengers can bring up to two checked bags with a maximum dimension of 50 pounds or 23 kg. Both the First class and business class customers can also carry up to two bags with a maximum permitted weight of 70 pounds or 32 kg. All checked baggage irrespective of their class can only have a maximum linear dimension of 118 inches or 300 cm.

To avoid paying extra for your excess baggage, follow the below tips:

  1. Pack Light

Packing the essential stuff instead of the regular and optional things. A lot of time we are confused about our clothes on what to keep and eventually we end up keeping all of them. This increases the weight of your bag and sometimes and sometimes even the number of bags increases.

  1. Keep your amenity bag with you on board

Most airlines such as Emirates allow their passengers to keep an additional handbag along with them on board. If you keep your amenity bag with you on the flight, you can reduce the weight of your checked baggage.

  1. Keep a Hardcase Bag that is Light and Fits as Carry-on Bag

Try to buy a high-quality hard case bag that is normally made up of ABS plastic and is durable as well as lightweight. These bags can help you save some space and keep your stuff under the weight limit.

  1. Keep a Separate Bag for Your Important Documents

There is always a risk of your checked bag getting lost. So, we always recommend you to keep a separate document bag all the time that can hold your passports and all other important documents. There are times when your checked baggage can misplace or arrive delayed depending on your flight.

We hope you liked our list of things to do so you can keep your bags light. For Emirates Reservations Number, call on +1-888-415-0393.

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