Brussels Airlines Existence -
Brief History, Fleet, Destinations, etc.

Brussels Airline, today the flag carrier of Belgium, was established on 10th April 2005, but its history goes a little beyond that to 2002, as the main company named SN Air was inaugurated with a total of 40 investors at that time. Today Brussels is Belgium’s largest airline and has its headquarters at Brussels Airline. It flies to a little above 100 destinations in Africa, Europe, North America, and a few Charter services. Brussels is also a part of the ‘Star Alliance’ and International Air Transport Association, which makes it a star-class airline. Brussels airline is a part of the Lufthansa Group now. The flight reservation procedure is just effortless and quick, all you have to do is- go to the official Brussels Airline website or give a call to the Brussels Airlines Customer Service and get booking assistance in no time.

2005 - 2009: The Time Brussels Airline Came into Existence

It was between 2005 to 2009, when the Brussels airline finally came into existence. The SN Brussels Airline and Virgin Express merger gave birth to Brussels Airlines.
In 2005 on 12th April, Virgin Express gained control over the merger after the SN Air holding signed a legal document with Rickard Branson.
In 2006 on 31st March, the merger became one complete airline firm.
And then in the same year on 7th November, the firm was given the name of Brussels Airline officially at the Brussels Airport through a conference with the media.

The day Brussels Airline began operations-
On 25 March 2007, was the day Brussels Airline started its flight operations, with a 13-dot logo. But later due to some beliefs of the passengers, the airline changed the logo to 14-dot.

The day Brussels became a part of Lufthansa Airline Group-
Via a press release, Lufthansa Airline made a declaration to take over Brussels Airlines.
In 2008, on 15th September Lufthansa made an agreement to take over 45% of the Brussels business, with a plan to take over the airlines completely by 2011. The Lufthansa & Brussels deal made sure to make Brussels airline a part of the Star Alliance.

In 2009 on 15th June, Brussels got the European Commission Approval for Lufthansa airline to take over. So, it took 45% control in 2009 & fully acquired Brussels in January 2017.

Right after acquiring the 45% share in 2009, Brussels became a part of the Lufthansa Frequent Flyer program provider.

Brussels Airline Fleet Development

As of 2022, the Brussels airline has a complete fleet full of 39 Airbuses.

Brussels Airlines started its operations with only 6 British Aerospace 146s, that due to some reasons was ended in 2008

2 Airbusses were added to the Brussels fleet in the year 2010- A319-100s. Then airlines bought its first-ever Airbus A320-200 in Feb 2011, and in a very short span of time, it became the best commercial flight. Then to rise in the market, to offer budget flights, and increase cash reserves for the airline functions, the Brussels airline started replacing their old aircraft with the cost-efficient ones and ordered 12 planes in 2011 that includes- A319 (6), A330-200s (2), and A320s (4).

In the year 2016, the Brussels Airline started bringing in A320 Airbuses along with wet-leased Sukhoi Superjets by replacing the Avro RJ100s. Due to some reasons, the Brussels airline decided to retire Wet-leased Superjets

In 2021, Brussels placed an order for 3 new Airbus A320neo, which will be delivered by 2023. These aircraft not only have better facilities but it is also environmentally friendly as it decreases the amount of CO2 emissions.

Brussels Airline Destination Map Broadens with Time

Brussels Airlines with a small fleet of barely 6 aircraft served to only a few destinations. But with time and constant efforts of the airline, the Brussels airline routes map expanded to many domestic & international destinations. And today Brussel Airlines offer direct flights to over 90 destinations around the world, including – Brussels International, Geneva, and Berlin Brandenburg. It offers cheap flight services to a variety of locations with utmost comfort.

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