Qatar Airways Pet Policy

All You Need To Know About Qatar Airways Pet Policy

Qatar Airways has always been at the forefront of leading carriers in the world. This cardinal airline has some of the finest cabins in the industry with large seats and premium food and beverages. But to become a leading organization, one has to think and understand the needs of its customers. Qatar Airways believes that our favorite furry is not just any animal. But a crucial member of our daily lives and that is the reason. Why Qatar allows you to carry your pets along with you on board. There are certain limitations on the type, size, and quantity of your pet. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can bring your favorite pet with you. And what are the minimum requirements as per Qatar Airways Pet Policy.

For domestic pets, Qatar Airways allows three different species of animals. These are;

  1. Domestic Dogs
  2. Domestic Cats
  3. Domestic Birds

To travel with your pets, you must inform Qatar Airways at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time. You should also have all the documents related to your pet. Such as a valid health certificate duly signed by a registered veterinarian practitioner, a pet certificate, or valid identification papers for your pet.

One of the most important things you need to keep your mind before traveling with your furry friend is a pet container. Here are the container requirements that must be fulfilled in order to keep your pets safe and eligible to bring on board.

  1. Your container must be of adequate size and should be large enough to fit your pet but should be small enough to keep below your front seat.
  2. The container should be ventilated and comfortable for the pet. Your pet must be able to stand in the vessel or be in its native or natural position.
  3. The pet vessel has to go through a security check and you will only be allowed to board your pet if all the security essentials are clear.
  4. You cannot open the container during the flight or the journey.
  5. You should offer an adequate amount of food inside the container as you will not be able to feed your pet manually during your flight.

If you are traveling with a service animal or an emotional support animal, you might be able to take them with you on board without paying any additional charge. Qatar Airlines allows you to bring service pets for free on certain routes. We recommend you check these destinations before your journey so you can avail the benefit.

One of the benefits of traveling with Qatar Airways is that you can carry a flacon along with you on board. The quantity is limited to only one falcon per passenger and a maximum of six falcons can be carried once in an economy class. You have to notify the airlines at least 48 hours in advance as the spots are limited. For more information, you can check. Qatar Airways pet policy page on the company’s official website.
Please refer to Qatar Airways official website to check the current pet far.

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