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Get quick assistance for Spirit Airlines Flights Booking – Flights information, Schedule, status, prices, manage flight booking, online check in, baggage policy and cancellation policy. Keep in touch with spirit airlines customer services phone number for instant flights deals, un-published airfare, promo code, advance spirit airlines reservations, and much more offers for cheapest flights for your travel destinations.

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Spirit Airlines is the largest ultra-low-cost air carrier in North America. Based at Miramar in the Miami region of Florida, it provides seamless connectivity of North America with the Caribbean and Latin America. Founded in 1983 as Charter One Airlines by Ned Homfeld in Michigan, Charter One Airlines was rechristened as ‘Spirit Airlines in May 1992. As per the recent data, this airline flies to 83 spirit airlines destinations throughout the United States and facilitates travelers to enjoy premium air travel at the lowest airfare.

With a fleet of 171 aircraft, including Airbus A320neo and Airbus A320ceo, Spirit Airlines flies nearly 500 flights daily to travelers looking for scheduled tours to Latin America, Caribbean islands, and South America. Many people, tourists, and visitors love this no-frills air carrier. Travelqart makes it easy for travelers to book spirit cheap flight tickets to the US, Canada, European Cities, and other parts of the world.

Seat Plan in Spirit Airlines: Fare Classes

spirit airline customer support phone numberSpirit Airlines offers only two types of seats—Standard Seats and the Big Front Seats. A traveler can bring one carry-on bag with a standard ticket. The bag should be 18″ x 14″ x 8″.  Making payment for any checked bag is most affordable when you do it when booking flight tickets. When you check bags at the counter, you will most likely have to pay a higher amount than the cost at the time of booking.

As the name indicates, the Big Front Seat has more space and extra legroom than the standard seats. With no middle seats, each passenger is likely to enjoy seating on an aisle or window seat. Even in this seat or fare class, you can carry one carry-on free while you need to pay extra for each additional checked bag. Based on your travel needs, you can get excellent (spirit airlines) customer service to book your flight tickets, upgrade your seats, manage your flight or resolve any booking issue.

Besides these two classes, passengers in Spirit Airlines can join Spirit Savers Club that offers the benefit of lower rates on their tickets. For this, you need to purchase a membership and pay $69.95 for a one-year membership, $99.90 for 18-months membership, and $129.90 for two years membership.  
Feel free to call Spirit airlines phone number to reserve your spirit airlines tickets from our website or the official web page. You can avail of a special discount of $20 when you apply the coupon code TQ20

Manage Your Flights Effortlessly with a Few Clicks

As a leading online travel agency with a dynamic collaboration with over 400 airlines, we facilitate people to book flight tickets at an unbeatable rate. For this, you simply need to click on Spirit airlines manage booking that you can easily find under ‘My Booking.’ A traveler can easily make flight changes, upgrade or even cancel a ticket with it.
When it comes to booking flight tickets on Spirit Airlines, you can either book it online from our site or the official website (Spirit Airlines) or at an airport. Barring airport, you would require paying ‘ passenger usage charge’ that may range from $6.99- $22.99 per segment.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Before you book tickets to fly with Spirit Airlines, you must know the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy and spirit airline refund policy to make a well-informed decision. If you cancel a flight ticket two months before the actual journey, you will not have to pay any change fee or cancellation charge. A sum of $39 is deducted when the flight ticket is canceled between 15-59 days before the flight. When you cancel your ticket within 7-14 days before your flight, your pocket will be lighter with a payment of $59 fee, and if it is made between six days to hours before your flight, you need to cough up more to the extent of $79.
Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer refundable fares. However, exceptions may be there if the flight is canceled or on the death of a passenger before or during the flight. You must check out the spirit Airlines refund policy here.

Check Out Spirit Airline Baggage Policies and Fees
spirit airline baggage policies

Being an ultra-low-cost air carrier, Spirit Airlines requires passengers to buy in any extra they want, such as seat choice, snacks, drinks, or anything else. Likewise, one must check out the spirit airlines baggage policy to avoid paying hefty charges later.

  • You can carry one personal item or a carry-on for free when you purchase a ticket. This bag must not exceed the size of 18″ x 14″x 8″ and weight of 40 pounds with its length not exceeding 62 inches.
  • Any addition of a checked bag would cost $26 at the time of booking or $36 at the airport. The second bag, if added, would cost you $36 at the time of booking and $46 at the airport.
  • If your bag is overweight and is between 41 to 50 pounds, it will cost you an extra $35. Likewise, overweight bags between 51 to 70 pounds require an additional $60. For checked bags that are 71 to 100 pounds, you will have to cough up an additional $100.
  • Similarly, oversized checked bags that are between 63-80 linear inches would cost $100 extra, and special items over 80 linear inches incur an additional charge of $150.

So, suppose you are looking for the most affordable flight tickets on Spirit Airlines. In that case, you can contact our Spirit airlines customer services number and discuss your travel requirements with our experienced travel agents. Before booking the flight, you must check out the spirit change, spirit cancellation policy, spirit baggage policy, fare classes, and other details. It will enable you to make well-informed decisions and pay for all essentials in advance to avoid any hassles during the flight.

Spirit Airline Cancellation and Refund Policy

Before you book tickets to fly with Spirit Airlines, you must know the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy and spirit airline refund policy to make a well-informed decision. If you cancel a flight ticket two months before the actual journey, you will not have to pay any change fee or cancellation charge. A sum of $39 is deducted when the flight ticket is canceled between 15-59 days before the flight. When you cancel your ticket within 7-14 days before your flight, your pocket will be lighter with a payment of $59 fee, and if it is made between six days to hours before your flight, you need to cough up more to the extent of $79.

Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer refundable fares. However, exceptions may be there if the flight is canceled or on the death of a passenger before or during the flight. You must check out the Spirit Airlines refund policy here.

Spirit Airline Frequent Flyer Program
Spirit Airline Frequent Flyer ProgramSpirit Airlines offers Free Spirit, a loyalty program for frequent flyers wherein travelers earn points on every purchase with the Airline or selected partners. They can redeem these points faster with any flight of Spirit Airlines on every seat. For this, you need to create an account, book Spirit flight tickets, make more purchases, and with every purchase you get points. By collecting those points you can save money on your future flights. Also, when you are a member of the frequent flyer program you get special discounts and in-flight treatments.
TravelQart is committed to making your Spirit flight booking super easy and affordable. Travelers can even book custom tour packages from us. We provide the most lucrative deals on flight booking, hotel booking, car rental services, and all the other travel related services. On our robust flight search engine, you can check and compare flight tickets of multiple airlines and get the complete details in real-time. So, make no mistake to waste time in unreasonable searches. Rely only on the best and set for a life-transforming leisure trip to your dream destination.
Spirit Airlines Customer Support Numbers Lisit
Spirit Customer Service Number+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Airlines Contact Number+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Flight Booking Number+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Airlines Reservations Number+1-(888) 415-0393
Customer Services Spirit Airlines +1-(888) 415-0393
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+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Baggage Contact Info.+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Airlines Teléfono USA+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Airlines Booking+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Airlines Baggage Contact Number+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Airlines Holiday Trip Phone Number+1-(888) 415-0393
Spirit Airlines Special Assistance Phone Number+1-(888) 415-0393
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HeadquartersMiramar, Florida (U.S)
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All You Need to Know Before Booking Spirit Flight

Hiring an experienced travel agency helps you say goodbye to all flight booking and travel-related woes. It saves your precious time, money, and energy, providing all info in one place, helping you to get irresistible flight deals, and facilitating effortless flight booking and management. Getting proper knowledge and information at the right time empowers you to make well-informed decisions. Before booking flights on Spirit Airlines, go through the FAQ page that will help you make the right decision and fly to your dream destination with your loved ones comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Where does Spirit Airlines fly to?
Spirit Airlines is the eighth largest US low-cost air carrier based in Miramar, Florida, that operates flights to over 83 destinations in the United States, Caribbean, South America, and Latin America. You can safely fly to Cancun, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Texas, West Virginia, and other parts of the United States
Is it safe to fly with Spirit?
Spirit Airlines' fleet comprises all Airbus 320 series and Boeing 737-series aircraft less than 9-10 years old. The FAA-certified airline is absolutely safe to fly with, and Spirit carries millions of passengers every year.
How to book a flight ticket in Spirit Airlines?
Booking a flight ticket in Spirit Airline is super easy. You can make Spirit Airline reservation online, call the phone number for Spirit flight reservations or visit the nearest airport that offers Spirit reservations. Book Spirit flight for a one-way, round trip, or a multi-city visit availing the best flight deals as per your travel requirements.
How can I book award flight tickets using my Spirit Points?
You can book an award flight using your Free Spirit points online, on-call, or from an esteemed travel agent. For this, you simply need to visit the Spirit Airlines official website, select ticket booking with points options, check out the flight deal finder and flight calendar that shows flights with the points you need for award booking. Get the requisite information and book your flights using points online or on call to save a considerable amount.
What kind of fare deals to expect from Spirit Airlines Booking?
Spirit Airlines comes up with amazing and hard-to-find elsewhere flight deals on flights to local and international destinations. You can use a flight deal finder to get the best flight deal that will help you fly to your dream destination without busting a budget. Where else can you find the cheapest flight airfare as low as $19-$25 for a one-way flight from Oakland to Los Angeles or Atlanta to Miami?
Why choose Spirit Airlines for Mexico or Costa Rica flights?
Flying to Mexico or Costa Rica in an ultra-low-cost airline helps you save big to spend more on dining, shopping, sightseeing, and making your vacation more pleasurable. Besides, you can choose the perks like Big Front Seats, priority boarding, shortcut security, and discount on checked and carry-on baggage with Spirit Saver$ Club.
What are the travel classes and seating choices in Spirit?
Being a budget airline, Spirit only has economy class offering two types of seats- Standard Economy seats and Big Front Seats. Standard seats come with a 17.75” width and 28” pitch, while the Big Front Seat comes with an 18.5” width and 36” pitch that provide more joy and comfort. Booking a Big Front Seat in advance may cost you $12-$150 based on flight routes.
How Do you make a flight change in Spirit?
Making a Spirit flight change is a child’s game. You simply need to visit the Spirit official website,, go to the ‘My Trip’ section, enter your surname and booking confirmation code, follow the steps to cancel the ticket, or make flight changes as per your latest travel needs. You can also make changes by calling Spirit Airlines customer services number, sending a text message, or speaking to a booking agent at the local airport. If you have booked a Spirit ticket from a travel agent, you can call them to make flight changes.
How is Spirit Airlines Customer Service?
Although Spirit Airlines doesn’t have the highest customer service rating, the expert and dedicated airline staff work relentlessly to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Travelers can make the most of the flight services offered by Spirit if they are well-informed and prepared. Whether you experience any problem in flight booking, managing your flight, check-in, or baggage problem, you can call Spirit Airlines' customer service number and get an instant travel solution.
How much fee is to be paid in making a name change in Spirit?
Changing name in flight tickets within 24 hours of booking is free. Likewise, you can easily change your name on a flight ticket if it is a misspelling or a legal name change (that requires supporting documents to verify). Other surname changes or flight change after 24 hours of booking requires some fees to be paid. You can contact Spirit Airlines customer service for a name change or change in the itinerary if you find any difficulty making the changes.
What is the procedure for online check-in in Spirit?
Web check-in in Spirit is time-savvy and simple. You simply need to visit the official site of Spirit, click on the online check-in option, and enter your surname and booking confirmation code. Afterward, you can select your seats, add baggage, passengers, add any information or a missing number and complete your online check-in to get an e-boarding pass.
How can one complete check-in in Spirit?
Travelers can check-in their Spirit flights online, through a mobile app, on-call, or at a self-service kiosk or the airport. With these check-in processes, one can choose the most convenient and cost-effective web or mobile app check-in to get the boarding pass. However, you need to pay $10 at airport check-in to get your boarding pass printed.
Which passengers can complete check-in only at the airport?
Some travelers can’t complete their check-in online. For them, airport check-in is the only way to get their boarding passes. Those passengers include:
  • Those traveling with a pet or a lap infant,
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers traveling on a group reservation of 10 or more
  • Travelers flying on military passes instead of a passport
  • Non US citizens flying from international locations
  • Guests having purchased extra seats or special items
Does Spirit reimburse the booking fee on flight cancelation?
If your flight is canceled due to inclement weather, mechanical issues, or air traffic delays, Spirit is not liable to make the payment. However, if you arrive at the airport three hours late from the schedule, you missed a connecting flight due to delayed arrival, or you are denied a seat due to overbaording, Spirit will reimburse your airfare.
What are the top new destinations added in Spirit Route Map?
Spirit Airlines is committed to providing low-cost flight services to tourists and travelers worldwide. The budget air carrier has recently launched nine routes from Miami. It has kickstarted this New Year with three routes from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando to the Salt Lake City International Airport. It has also added the 4th new destination in Mexico, Monterrey, offering flights from Houston.
How to check my Spirit Flight status?
You can check your Spirit flight status online or mobile app by entering your flight date, city pairs and clicking on ‘Check Status.’ Ensure that you have adequate knowledge of the Spirit check-in policy to get the boarding pass on time.
How can you get a complete Refund from Spirit?
Travelers can get a full refund when they cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking their tickets for flights scheduled to fly after a week. Spirit offers a refund only when a traveler dies before the flight's departure or during it. In other cases, it mostly provides travel vouchers to travelers who haven’t used the flight or if the airline cancels the flight.
When can I get the cheapest Spirit tickets?
You can book a Spirit Airlines flights at the lowest cost on Tuesday in the early morning as Spirit launches new offers or special deals late Monday.
Does Spirit Airlines offer cheap tickets at the airport?
Spirit Airlines and many other low-cost air carriers charge a specific passenger usage fee for online booking. You can avoid paying this fee when you book tickets at the airport. It is quite beneficial when you have to book tickets for group travel.
What is the best way to upgrade seats in Spirit Airlines?
If you want to upgrade your seats from standard economy to Big Front Seats, you can do so at an extra cost during online check-in or before that. Visit the official site, go to the ‘My Trips’ tab, and follow all the instructions to get your original ticket. Then click on the ‘Modify/ Upgrade seat’ link and select available Big Front seats, making the required payment.
How to use the online option for Spirit Airlines Check In?
Spirit Airlines Check-in online at the official website is free. This is the fastest way to Spirit flight check in and get a boarding pass easily. The spirit airlines check in 24 hours before departure and end an hour before departure. You can also have a good time to buy a seat assignment easily and last-minute bags. Many times - Travellers face the problem at spirit web check in and not being able to check in. In this situation, please contact to airport counter or direct all spirit airlines customer support number +1-(888) 415-0393 to get quick assistance for check-in.
How to make a flight change or cancel Spirit a ticket issued by a travel agent?
If you have booked a Spirit ticket from a travel agent that you want to cancel, you should try to cancel it online or call the agent to discuss your flight change or cancelation needs. You can rebook another flight at a new date or request a refund from your travel agent.
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